Hey, I'm Sara!

I'm an adventure photographer with a huge passion for rock climbing photography, adventure elopements/weddings, and music photography!

Growing up in a small town at the edge of the Cascade Mountains, I created an 

intense connection with the outdoors and adventure that I aim to show through

my photos.

I'm so glad you're here!

I think its super important to feel like your photographer is someone you can connect with! Where you come out of the whole experience feeling like you didn't just hire another photographer but you also made a new friend. Someone that makes the session FUN so that's what you remember when looking back at your photos.

This is what I hope you give you from your session with me!

If you like any one of these things... Climbing, backpacking, hiking, dogs, plants, dancing on summits, roller skating, being a little dorky, biking, skiing, hula hooping, laughing at stupid things....


A little about my journey to becoming a photographer

I took a photography class my sophomore year of high school where I learned how to use a DSLR & film camera. I then continued to borrow my parents DSLR camera for years until I got my own Nikon camera in 2012. I ended up selling it a few years later when I started backpacking a lot. I didn't want to carry the extra weight. I did a lot of iPhone photography trying to make my old Instagram look good. :P

I eventually got a camera again and re-taught myself, and now a few years later...here we are!


All I think about.

It's pretty freakin' awesome to have a hobby you love so much that you could see yourself doing it 24/7, both for fun and work.

I really hope we get to connect and I can share my joy for my favorite thing with you!

"A Pictures worth a thousand words"...

Yeah, I could post *professional* photos of me looking like a photographer... but I think its important that you get to know the real me! Check out my little slide show below to see a few of my adventures! :)

Photo taken by Nelson Klien

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